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EL ETALINE the energy saving fan ...20240 m^3/h
ELK Rectangular duct fan with ETALINE ...10050 m^3/h
ELQ Exhaust fan box with ETALINE ...4830 m^3/h
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In Line Tube Fans
RS Metal In Line Tube Fan ...1770 m 3 /h 
RK Plastic In Line Tube Fan ...1170 m 3 /h
RK...S Plastic In Line Tube Fan with 4-speed ...1130m3/h 
RKW Plastic In Line Tube Fan, temperature control ...1130 m 3 /h 
MINI Compact Fan Box, swing out design
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Duct Fans
KVT Duct Fan, forward curved impeller ...9640 m 3 /h
KVR Duct Fan, backward curved impeller ...10090 m 3 /h
KVRI Fully Insulated Duct Fan, backward curved impeller ...10220 m 3 /h
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Sound Insulated Fan Boxes
ISOTX Partially Insulated Fan Box, forward curved impeller ...2740 m 3 /h 
ISOT Fully Insulated Fan Box, forward curved impeller ...6020 m 3 /h 
ISOZ Fully Insulated Fan Box, standby motor, forward curved impeller ...2660 m 3 /h
ISORX...S Partially Insulated Fan Box, backward curved impeller, 4-speed ...1100 m 3 /h 
ISOR Fully Insulated Fan Box, backward curved impeller
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Exhaust Fans (commercial)
MPC Versatile Exhaust Fan ...12190 m 3 /h 
MPC...TW Flexible Exhaust Fan, motor outside of air stream ...12190 m 3 /h
MPS Kitchen Exhaust Fan, voltage controllable ...7210 m 3 /h 
MPS...F Exhaust Fan, with integrated frequency converter ...6740 m 3 /h 
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Exhaust Fans for Kitchen Hoods (domestic)
ZKG Forward Curved Impeller, 4 speed motor ...740 m 3 /h
IWG Backward Curved Impeller, 4 speed motor ...1010 m 3 /h 
AWG Backward Curved Impeller, 4 speed motor ...1170 m 3 /h 
ZDG Backward Curved Impeller, 4 speed motor ...1170 m 3 /h
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Roof Fans
DVA Roof Fan ...8080 m 3 /h
DVA...P Roof Fan with isolator switch ...8080 m 3 /h
DVN Roof fan, kitchen exhaust up to 120 íC ...11830 m 3 /h
DVNI Roof fan, insulated, kitchen exhaust up to 120 íC ...11830 m 3 /h
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Supply and Exhaust/Air Handling Units
FFH Compact Supply Unit, filter, fan, electric heater, integrated control unit ...1070 m 3 /h
SL SLIGHTLINE, Supply and Extract Unit, for ceiling void installation ...4640 m 3 /h
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AHU with heat recovery
ETA AHU with plate heat exchanger (counter cross flow/cross flow) ...950 m 3 /h
FG AHU with crossflow plate heat exchanger ...2850 m 3 /h
RL ROTOLINE, AHU with rotating heat wheel ...8240 m 3 /h
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Centrifugal fans
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