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Our products are ventilators and Air Handling Units (AHU)

          A high efficiency fan causes lower power consumption and thus lower operating costs. This is even more important when considering that
electricity costs account for approximately 70...90 % of the lifetime costs.

          Our partner is the German company Ruck Ventilatoren GmbH. They produce quality products with high efficiency. ETALINE is the most energy saving fan on the market and that with an amazing low price.

          The ETALINE high efficiency ventilators are also inside our Air Handling Units (AHU). Available with or without heat recovery. Heat recovery is used to cool the incoming warm air by reusing the cold outstreaming air. Efficiencies greater 80% can be reached and therefore reduce the costs for air conditioning very much. These are Plug & Play Air Handling Units(AHU) for easy installation and big energy savings. 

          Suitable for Hotels, Shopping Malls, Department Stores, Schools, Hospitals, Office buildings, Restaurants, Pubs, Entertainment venues, Industry and many more.

          For more information and technical details please visit www.ruck.eu or contact us

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